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The documentary film Stories behind the faces: Sabina Dermota tells a story about a blind woman called Sabina Dermota. She is blind from her birth but blindness was never an obstacle for her. With extraordinary will and love for life and new experiences Sabina Dermota lives a full and fulfilling life. She skies, she went rafting on the alpine river Soča, she even went paragliding … but her true love is climbing the mountains and running marathons. Like Sabina says at the beginning of the film: »It seems to me that I can breathe freely only when I'm out in nature, climbing a hill or a mountain.« Neva Novljan filmed Sabina in her daily routine and on her adventures. And the result is a documentary that reflects joy for living! Neva Novljan film also shows that the limitations are mainly in our heads and it contradicts the prejudice we have about what bling person is capable to do. The story about Sabina Dermota raises the awareness about people with disabilities and shows the beauty of life. The documentary was produced in 2015 by TV Slovenia.